I've been working as an Artists and Art Teacher for 14 years.  I know a great deal of techniques and ways of using materials and I look forward to testing a huge range of them out in my up and coming series. I am prodominantly a painter and my best skill is that i'm a colourist. This means that I am able to match colours almost exactly using mixes of different paints. Not many artists are able to do this. At the moment i'm extremely interested in testing my skills to the maximum but painting water droplets and reflective surfaces, which in my opinion are some of the most difficult images to recreate. I enjoy doing photorealism painting but also find it fantastic to manipulate images on computer and to really play with tonality, edges and colour contrast. I have just become a full time painter and am very excited to create my own work and to exhibit on a a greater and larger scale with galleries and Art Fairs. I'm looking to expand my horizons and with this means my work is going to increase in value. I believe I'm an investment opportunity.

I started professional painting in April 2014, this has allowed me to collect my young son from school each day . I run my Art Business mainly on line at the moment and sell successfully here. Perhaps because my Art work is so striking and easy to see via my websites. I have a professional studio set up and the materials and skill to create large scale work.