A Brush With the Broads (ABWTB)

Published by Hannah Bruce on 1st May 2019

So you want to do A Brush With The Broads…

Yeah certainly I’ve been twice.

It’s a really lovely event organised by Linda H Matthews.

There is usually a marquee for everyone to meet and liaise. And to get your canvas stamped. Collect your merchandise and see a map of the area.

There is a set map area but you can go and paint each day in any place on the broads that you like and at any time.

Some people like to go to places together - others go it alone.

I plan to go this year too.

It’s a lovely informal atmosphere and you meet some great artists just like at AITO. However, not quite such a polished affair as their organisation. Nice prizes but on the lower end of the prize spectrum. I reckon you’d win it for sure.

The exhibition relies on artists telling the public about it as they go around. It is well attended by the locals. But they are a very arty filled bunch their - so sales of art can be slow. If you sell art during the event and before exhibition Linda will expect the event cut…… (so go quietly on that one)

Fundamentally it’s great fun and a wonderful place to paint. Superb views everywhere you go. If you are into landscapes and water and boats. Not much on the buildings side of things.

You can hire a wooden boat to sleep in at Hunters Yard. (Great place to paint) That looked like fun. Or Clipsby hall has a nice camp site. Loads of BnB’s about.

Think that about covers it all. Ask anything you like.

There is a timed paint out on one day. 

All the best


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