Shine and Rise Exhibition

So perhaps you've come to the exhibition and you're checking out my art work on line. 

If you've decided that you wanted something from the exhibition then you are welcome to purchase from this website for your convenience. Though have to be prepared for sales to take place in the gallery as a priority.  Please feel free to call me to let me know 07969326011 and reassure yourself.  

The theme for my exhibition is inspired by the shine created in Art. This can be literal, looking at the play of light on coins or with the shine created by layered resin surfaces. It can be Interpretational, where I consider what makes people happiest and evoking feelings of shine. My work is diverse that is for certain and this is the way I like it.  I’m a creative and experimental professional artist.  I utilise materials in new and unique ways; hence the rise of my work in the wider art world. My ink abstracts combined with outline realism is inspired by my term abstrealism.  I feel that this is already an art movement but perhaps not realised formally yet. Art work that explores abstraction with part realism is what the wider public seem drawn to.

I’ve taken a part in many events up and down the country and a great deal of those are outdoor painting. For which I’ve won many awards. I organise a group called the Surrey Hills Plein Air painters whom meet every Friday to paint out in Surrey.  Find them and me on Facebook.  I should also mention I was Chairwoman of Woking Art Society for three years and I’m now the social media specialist; I would encourage anyone whom wants to learn about art to join the group. 

I have recently opened a pop up gallery in Woking 151-152 Maybury Road. I hope you’ll be able to come and see more of my collections. A large part of these are resin, animal and outdoor painting based. I have also written an Art marketing e book which can be found online. 

I hope you enjoy my show and I look forward to meeting you at some point in the future.

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