In March I took a trip to Paris and got some beautiful inspiration. It also happened to be Paris Fashion week, so lots of lovely looking people around. This piece was created as a result of that trip. Obviously you can see the iconic Eiffel Tower, but I was also interested in the boats moored up at the waters edge and the architecture of the bridges. I've created this piece in mixed media. What this means is that I took a photo and I've digitally remastered it, I took it back to its essence. Then I made a transfer of that image onto my specially prepared watercolour/ink surfaced paper. Finally I worked back into the whole image with ink pen drawing and watercolour style ink washes. I thinks its worked fabulously and really give a fresh modern look on the theme. I plan to do more of these in time. Most probably of London.

This piece comes mounted and ready for framing. The mount Aperture is 20cm x 20cm.

The size is just brilliant for all international posting.

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