41cm x 27cm x 2cm Shallow box Canvas of Raw primed Linen. 


This painting is of the northern most point of Nothern Ireland;Banba's Crown, Malin Head or Cionn Mhalanna as it is known in Irish. Its a truly splendid sight and brings back fond memories for me of a summer holiday with friends.  The weather was typically wet but the squally skies just add to the painting I think.  There looks like some serious currents out their too.  This was around midday in August. The composition of the painting is created with the rule of thirds.  I'm very interested in leaving some of the painting as Linen canvas in its raw form - this is a stylistic thing that i'm adopting right now.  I'm also trying out using flowing forms like the 1920's Nouveau period.

A great landscape for someone with memories of this place.

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